Accepted Teams
 25th Annual Mountain Road Soccer Tournament 2013
 Under 8
Girls U8 Red
ASA Premier '05 (MD)
PasadenaSC Power Gurlz (MD)
PasadenaSC Purple Lightning (MD)
PasadenaSC Ravens (MD)
 Under 9
Girls U9 Red
ASA Blue Flames (MD)
Green Hornets Blaze (MD)
MD Rush Academy 04
Girls U9 White
Catonsville Cobra (MD)
PasadenaSC Cheetahs (MD)
PasadenaSC purple storm (MD)
Peninsula Panthers
SAC Liesch/Red (MD)
SRYA Grasshoppers (MD)
 Under 10
Girls U10 Red
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
Catonsville Cobras A (MD)
Maryland Rush Academy White 03/04 (MD)
MonStars (MD)
Peninsula SC Panthers (MD)
SEVP Diamond
Girls U10 White
CSA Hurricanes (MD)
PasadenaSC Maelstrom
PasadenaSC Storm (MD)
SAC EC United (MD)
Sac Fire Birds
Girls U10 Blue
Catonsville Cobras B (MD)
CSA Venom (MD)
PasadenaSC Idleman
SAC Girls White Lightning (MD)
 Under 11
Girls U11 Red
Chesapeake FC Flash (MD)
JPYO Warriors (MD)
PasadenaSC Fireballs (MD)
PasadenaSC Tigers Elite (MD)
Peninsula SC Dynamite (MD)
Girls U11 White
Catonsville Cobras Blue (MD)
PasadenaSC Tigers (MD)
SAC Select Pythons (MD)
SP Hurricanes
SRYA Lady Seahawks (MD)
 Under 12
Girls U12 Red
ASA Lionesse (MD)
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
PasadenaSC Cherry Bombs (MD)
PasadenaSC Soccer Sistas (MD)
Severn AC Red Devils
SEVP Fire (MD)
 Under 13
Girls U13 White
A3 Crofton Crush (MD)
ASA Patriots (MD)
CSA Calvert Sting (MD)
LFYAA Lightning
PasadenaSC Riptide
 Under 14
Girls U13/U14 Red
AFC Storm (MD)
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
Maryland Rush (MD)
PasadenaSC Madness
Girls U14 White
ASA Spirit Elite (MD)
Harundale Fury (MD)
PasadenaSC Fire (MD)
PasadenaSC Rage (MD)
 Under 18
Girls U18 Red
ASA Angels (MD)
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
PasadenaSC Cobras (MD)
PasadenaSC Thunderbolts
 Under 8
Boys U8 Red
ASA Ambush (MD)
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
PasadenaSC Bulldogs
Severna Park Team 1 (MD)
Boys U8 White
DCST Lafayette Grizzlies 05 (DC)
PasadenaSC Cougars (MD)
PasadenaSC Lions
PasadenaSC Sharks
Severna Park Team 2 (MD)
 Under 9
Boys U9 Red
ASA Premier Blue '04 (MD)
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
Catonsville Cobras
SEVP United (MD)
Boys U9 White
PasadenaSC Chaos (MD)
Peninsula SC Blue Angels (MD)
SAC Avalanche
SAC Red Devils
SRYA Seahawks D1
 Under 10
Boys U10 Red
ASA Premier '03 (MD)
Baltimore Bays Clippers (MD)
Bayshore United
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
Boys U10 White
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
DC United (MD)
DCST Lafayette Grizzlies 03 (DC)
PasadenaSC Menace (MD)
SAC Blue Thunder (MD)
Boys U10 Blue
Monsignor Slade
PasadenaSC Megalodons (MD)
SAC Boys White Lightning (MD)
SAC Strikers (MD)
 Under 11
Boys U11 Red
ASA Rangers (MD)
CYS Catonsville Cobras (MD)
PasadenaSC United
Rush Academy Blue 02
Boys U11 White
ASA United (MD)
Baltimore Bays Clippers (MD)
Severna Park Storm
TSC Gunners White (MD)
Boys U11 Blue
PasadenaSC Sonic Boom (MD)
SAC Blue Eagles (MD)
SAC SE Revolution (MD)
Severn AC Strikers (MD)
Boys U11 Green
PasadenaSC Rebels (MD)
SAC Lightning
SAC Maroon Monsoon (MD)
Severn AC SAC Attack
 Under 12
Boys U12 Red
PasadenaSC Blast (MD)
Peninsula SC Sharks (MD)
Pipeline White (MD)
PSAFC Boys 01 (MD)
Boys U12 White
ASA Premiere Blue
Bowie Bulldogs (MA)
PasadenaSC United (MD)
SAC Jesters
Boys U12 Blue
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
SAC - Warriors (MD)
SAC Royal Select
Ship Survivors (PA)
Boys U12 Green
ASA Arrows
Bayshore BlueDevils (MD)
PasadenaSC The Fire (MD)
SAC Arsenal Gunners (MD)
Sac King Cobras
 Under 13
Boys U13 Red
ASA Xtreme
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
Catonsville Cobras
Laurel Chelsea Lions (MD)
Peninsula SC FC CHUDA (MD)
Severna Park Cyclones
Boys U13 White
Maryland Rush - Rush (MD)
Maryland Rush NERO (MD)
PasadenaSC United (MD)
South River Seahawks
 Under 14
Boys U14 Red
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
Maryland Rush Nero 99 (MD)
PasadenaSC Cougars (MD)
Peninsula SC Premier 2018 (MD)
Boys U14 White
Arundel Soccer Destiny (MD)
PasadenaSC Raptors (MD)
PasadenaSC StrikeForce
SP Swarm (MD)
TSC Roma (MD)
 Under 16
Boys U16 Red
Bayshore Warriors (MD)
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
Maryland Rush United 98 (MD)
PasadenaSC Knights (MD)
Thunder SC Revolution
 Under 18
Boys U18 Red
A3 United
FC Frederick/FC Frederick'96 Royal (MD)
Hot Shots (MD)
Mountain Road Crew (MD)
PasadenaSC Drache
PasadenaSC Manatees

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