Accepted Teams - 24th Annual Mountain Road Soccer Tournament 2012

Under 8
Girls U8 Red
ASA Fire
Broadneck Blast (MD)
SAC Midnight Strikers (MD)
South River Seahawks
Under 9
Girls U9 Red
Baltimore Bays Casa Mias (MD)
Chesapeake FC Breakers (MD)
Peninsula Panthers (MD)
SEVP Diamond (MD)
Girls U9 White
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
Mountain Road Mania (MD)
Mt Road Shooting Stars (MD)
SAC Blue Lightning
SAC EC United (MD)
Under 10
Girls U10 Red
ASA Arsenal (MD)
Baltimore Bays Lightning (MD)
Greater Severna Park Hurricanes (MD)
Severna Park Fury
SEVP Lightning (MD)
SJS Tigers (MD)
Girls U10 White
Catonsville Cobras/Rehkemper (MD)
Chesapeake FC Flash (MD)
Jessup (JPYO) Warriors (MD)
MRS Fireballs (MD)
Peninsula: Dynamite
SAC Stingers (MD)
Under 11
Girls U11 Red
Calvert Sting (MD)
PSC Strikers
SAC Great White Sharks
Girls U11 White
ASA Lionesse (MD)
ASA Pride
GLUSC Kickers
SJS Cherry Bombs (MD)
Thunder Soccer Club/TSC Sevilla
Under 12
Girls U12 Red
Catonsville Cobras (md)
Chesapeake FC Freedom
CRFT Crush
Mountain Road Rage
SAC Fireballs (MD)
Severna Park Storm (MD)
St. Jane Chaos (MD)
Under 13
Girls U13 Red
AFC Storm (MD)
ASA Spirit Royal (MD)
MRS Rage (MD)
Mt Road Madness
ST Jane Fire (MD)
Under 14
Girls U14 Red
ASA Angels (MD)
Catonsville Cobras
DAA Riptide (MD)
LSC Cyclones (MD)
Maryland Rush Swoosh '99 (MD)
MRS ThunderBolts (MD)
Girls U14 White
Catonsville Cobras B team (MD)
Harundale Cyclones (MD)
Mountain Road Thunder (MD)
SAC-HC Sub-Zero
Under 8
Boys U8 Red
ASA Wolverines
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
Cape United (MD)
Chesapeake FC Hotspurs
LF United (MD)
MRS Strikers (MD)
South River Seahawks
Under 9
Boys U9 Red
ASA Premier
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
Mtn. Rd. Menace (MD)
PSC United
Boys U9 White
DCST Lafayette Grizzlies (DC)
SAC Navy Jets
SAC-HC Blue Thunder (MD)
Severn FireBalls (MD)
South River Seahawks (MD)
St Jane Explosion (MD)
Boys U9 Blue
Mt Road Avengers (MD)
MT. RD Blast (MD)
SAC Blue Lightning
SAC D.C. United (MD)
Under 10
Boys U10 Red
A3 Cobras (MD)
ASA Rangers (MD)
Baltimore Bays Clippers (MD)
Severna Park Storm (MD)
Severna Park Strikers
Severna Park Vipers (MD)
Boys U10 White
Bowie Bulldogs
CYS Cobras
Pasadena United
SAC Lightning
Boys U10 Blue
SAC SE Revolution (MD)
Sac:Bu10s Bartels Red
Severn Strikers (MD)
St. Jane Sonic Boom (MD)
Boys U10 Green
Chesapeake FC Blues (MD)
Mt. Rd. Soccer Strikers (MD)
SAC- Maroon Monsoon (MD)
Severn AC Attack (MD)
Under 11
Boys U11 Red
ASC Hawks (MD)
Crofton United (MD)
Peninsula Sharks (MD)
SAC Arsenal Gunners (MD)
St. Jane Blast
Boys U11 White
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
SAC Bulldogs
Severna Park Coyotes (MD)
South River Seahawks White
Boys U11 Blue
Bayshore Bluedevils (MD)
SAC Dynamo
SAC Warriors (MD)
Severn Athletic Club: Red Wave (MD)
Boys U11 Green
Monsignor Slade:Roadrunners (MD)
Mt Road The Fire (MD)
SAC King Kobras (MD)
Severna Park Bulldogs (MD)
Under 12
Boys U12 Red
A3 Crofton Conquerors (MD)
Peninsula Soccer Club FC Chuda (MD)
SAC Chelsea Blue (MD)
Severna Park Tornados
Boys U12 White
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
CSA United
DAA Gators
Severna Park Cyclones (MD)
Boys U12 Blue
Bowie Bulldogs U12
CSA Vipers
LF United (MD)
MRS Blue Dragons
Boys U12 Green
Chesapeake FC Red Fury
Harundale Hurricanes (MD)
MRS Hawks (MD)
SAC Fusion
Under 13
Boys U13 Red
A3 Crofton Cannons
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
HYSL Strikers
St. Jane Cougars
Boys U13 White
CSA Chaos (MD)
MD Rush - Tiempo 99 (MD)
Peninsula S.C. United 2018 (MD)
Severn United (MD)
Boys U13 Blue
Hereford Hurricanes (MD)
MRS Raptors (MD)
Severn Red Storm (MD)
Severna Park Fury (MD)
SP Swarm (MD)
St. Jane Soccer/StrikeForce (MD)
Under 14
Boys U14 Red
Catonsville Cobras (MD)
Maryland Rush United 98 (MD)
Peninsula SC Falcons (MD)
Thunder SC Revolution (MD)
Boys U14 White
Severna Park Falcons (MD)
St Johns Eagles
St. Jane Soccer Knights (MD)
Thunder SC Red Bulls (MD)
Boys U14 Blue
Arden attackers
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)
Crofton Lightning Strikers (MD)
SAC Hotspurs (MD)
Under 16
Boys U16 Red
Bayshore Cosmos (MD)
CROF A3 Reds
Crofton Rangers (MD)
Harundale Hotshots (MD)
Pipeline Soccer Club Red
Under 18
Boys U18 Red
Crofton United
Heaven Eleven (MD)
MRS Dragons
MRS Warriors
Mt Road Panthers

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